Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), in most companies is treated as an after thought, engineers do not realise the importance of this philosophy.

It’s not just about 14 symbols.

It will help you understand how your parts fit together, insure that they are interchangeable, it will also describe the design intent with regards to the actual function of the part. It is consistent throughout design, manufacturing, inspection and assembly activities; this will provide you with noticeable cost benefits.

Most engineers understand the geometric symbols but sometimes the definitions have really been derived from word of mouth, this could be detrimental to the company’s function because the true definition might be misinterpreted, also the amount of tolerance put on the component by the designer might allow the part to fail when the manufacturing department works to the maximum amount of tolerance displayed on the drawing or CAD model.

The following are comments from SASL customer who would like to express the benefits that the correct use of GD&T can bring.


Senior Automotive

“GD&T at Senior Automotive is used to accurately define Datum systems and Design intent. The nature of the product dictates the necessity for clear instructions for manufacturing and inspection. GD&T gives us the confidence to specify, without ambiguity, exactly what is required in the end product and thereby maintain customer satisfaction.”

Ian Craig. Design Engineer. Senior Automotive Ltd.



“Torotrak (Development) Ltd., has benefited from the Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing Course delivered by Seize a Solution Limited, by establishing a consistent interpretation & application of the international standards in force. This is of particular importance for us, as we act as international technology leaders in the field of Infinitely Variable Transmissions and provide an Advanced Design service for our many varied clients as part of our Research and Technology development.”

Chris Jameson I.Eng. M.I.E.D.
Snr Design Engineer Project Services Group
Torotrak (Development) Ltd.


Composite Design Support Ltd.

“As an outsource service provider, the integrity of the design information we exchange with our clients is very important. Though the robust use of a consistent GD&T philosophy, we have dramatically reduced communication time and errors when completing packages of work for clients, making us more effective, and more profitable.”

Christopher Watson, Director – Composite Design Support Ltd.