Step One: Foundation Training

Before ISO GPS and GD&T can be correctly applied in…

Step One: Foundation Training

Before ISO GPS and GD&T can be correctly applied in accordance with the international standards by individual Engineers, it is essential that the philosophy is clearly understood, the core training is specially designed to

  • Ensure clarity of purpose in the group
  • Expose Engineers to the philosophy of ISO GPS and GD&T
  • Introduce and demonstrate the use of ISO GPS and GD&T in accordance with the adopted standards
  • Convey an understanding of the meaning of the Geometrical symbols
  • Illustrate the application of ISO GPS and GD&T to specific parts

Our two-stage Foundation Training session is compiled for those who need an understanding of ISO GPS and GD&T and the fundamentals of applying them. It is specific to a single standard but includes the difference between the two common standards, ISO GPS (including BS 8888) and ASME Y14.5 2009.

The Foundation training course, whether online or face to face, will cover the fundamentals of ISO GPS and GD&T as well as a comprehensive study of the 14 Geometric symbols, the Datum System and rules to apply ISO GPS and GD&T.

Within the session, there are practical demonstrations and tolerance calculation exercises. Workbooks are provided.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has to create or understand an engineering drawing or 3D Model Based Annotated CAD model.

Aims of the course:

  • To expose you to the philosophy of Geometrical Tolerancing.
  • To update you on the current Geometrical Tolerancing techniques.
  • To convey an understanding of the use and meaning of geometrical symbols.
  • To help you apply ISO GPS and ASME GD&T with functional tolerances to your own parts to ensure interchangeability.
  • To give you an understanding of where Gauge sizes come from.

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