Mechanical Production Engineering Consultancy

ISO GPS and ASME GD&T Adoption Programme

ISO Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) and ASME Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) are technical languages used on mechanical engineering drawings and 3D CAD models to define design intent to be understood by engineers from concept to assembly of mechanical products.
Most engineers understand the geometric symbols, but often, true definitions need to be more understood and consistently applied.
Fully adopting and understanding this philosophy will enable engineers to calculate, apply and analyse geometrical tolerances to guarantee that parts assemble the first time and are interchangeable at the design stage before physical parts are created.

Tolerance Analysis

Calculating 3D tolerance stack-ups is a tedious time-consuming process and nearly impossible.
Take advantage of your CAD environment and 3D models. Let the power of your Workstation work for you.
Seize A Solution Limited and our technical partners can provide software, training and consultancy to verify your
tolerance stack-up.
The following software is supported.
  • Tecnomatix Variation Analysis
  • NX Variation Analysis
  • Creo EZ Tolerance Analysis

CAD Training

Tailored CAD programmes are arranged to suit your company’s requirements. This can be a one-to-one consultation or a group session with a leading CAD package. This can be held on-site or at a partner training centre.


Simulating your production line before you physically build it is becoming increasingly important. Simulations such as assembly procedures, human operations and welding operations will help you optimise your production line and reduce costs. There are various tools available for this application.

Seize A Solution Limited and our Technical Partners, provide a range of CAD-based tools, training and consultancy on the available platforms


With Seize A Solution Limited and our technical partners, it is possible to take advantage of your digital environment. With the advance in CAD technology, it is now possible to attach 3D GPS and GD&T to your CAD models.

The advantage of this is to analyse the GPS and GD&T and amount of tolerance on the individual part within your assemblies, to identify potential build problems and fix them before you actually manufacture a component.

You can also within your chosen CAD environment, dependent on your CAD platform, program your CMM machines to collect the point data from the actual component, then analyse the data to the CAD models to see the variation from the design intent. Using GPS and GD&T as the analytical engine, you can verify that the component complies with the functional dimensions derived using GPS and GD&T.