ISO GPS / GD&T Annotation Training

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ISO GPS / GD&T Annotation Training

With Seize A Solution Limited and our technical partners, it is possible to take advantage of your digital environment. With the advance in CAD technology, it is now possible to attach 3D GPS and GD&T to your CAD models.

Model Based Definition (MBD) allows you to easily define and manage 3D tolerance specifications and annotations directly on 3D parts or products.

The product's intuitive interface allows you to reduce reliance on 2D drawings and increase the use of 3D as the master representation for driving from the design to the manufacturing engineering process.

Model Based Definition can be extracted, using the annotation plane concept in the Generative Drafting product.


It assists designers in assigning the correct tolerances on the selected features by:


  • Selecting the features to be toleranced.
  • Choosing among the available options, the tolerance types, the modifiers, etc.
  • The system offers a choice of options that are consistent with the selected features.
  • Entering the tolerance value. 


The tolerance annotation is then created and displayed around the 3D geometry. It is also located and oriented in an annotation plane, using a standardized model


The software's syntax check is in accordance with the chosen tolerancing standards (ISO, ASME / ANSI).


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