Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is a language used on mechanical engineering drawings and 3D annotated models comprising of symbols that are used to efficiently and accurately communicate geometry requirements for associated features on components and assemblies. Most engineers understand the geometric symbols, but often, true definitions are misinterpreted or inconsistently applied. Fully adopting and understanding the philosophy will enable Engineers to calculate, apply and analyse Geometrical tolerances to guarantee that parts fit together and are totally interchangeable at the design stage, before physical parts have been created.


GD&T Adoption Programme

To make the most of the adoption programme and to allow you to be self-efficient, the adoption programme has been adapted to suit the levels of competence required within a typical company production structure.
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GD&T Understanding Assessment

GD&T is an engineering language that uses symbols, specific phrases and rules. This language is different between the ISO (international) and ASME (American) standards.
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GD&T Annotation Training

With Seize A Solution Limited and their technical partners, it is possible to take advantage of your digital environment. With the advance of CAD technology, it is now possible to attach 3D GD&T to your CAD models.
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