ISO GPS / ASME GD&T Adoption Programme

Mechanical Production Engineering Consultancy

Step One: Foundation Training

Before ISO GPS and GD&T can be correctly applied in accordance with the international standards by individual Engineers, it is essential that the philosophy is clearly understood, the core training is specially designed to Our two-stage Foundation Training session is compiled for those who need an understanding of ISO GPS and GD&T and the fundamentals of applying them. It is…

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Step Two: Application

This 2-day workshop will concentrate on applying ISO GPS and ASME GD&T to your parts and assemblies. This will include a study of the optimum Datum System, tolerance calculations and best practice ISO GPS and ASME GD&T application. The full course content is available on application. This session content will be in accordance with ISO GPS (including BS 8888), ASME…

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STEP THREE: Champion Mentoring

These sessions are designed to take champions to that extra level. This consists of extra application and mentoring with vigorous understanding tests, enabling them to fully understand the way to apply ISO GPS and ASME GD&T within your company and act as a point of expertise for other engineers.

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